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January 26, 2022

Today’s Specials

~Chicken, Vegetable & Rice Soup 7./9.~

~Spinach Salad  12.~

(Fresh spinach, hardboiled egg, mushrooms, tomato

& a warm bacon vinaigrette with caramelized onions)

~Shrimp Macaroni & Cheese 15.~


~Shell Steak Aupoivre  36.~

~Veal Bourgignonne over Fettuccine Noodles 28.~

~Rigatoni with sweet Italian sausage 26.~

(With broccoli rabe, plum tomatoes, garlic, basil & chipotle peppers)

~Codfish Oreganatta 31.~

~Chicken Chasseur  28.~

(Topped with eggplant, mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic &marinara)

~Salmon Dijon Pecan Crust 30.~

Broiled Fresh Fish


Salmon 29.  Codfish 30.